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<Handling of Personal Information in Inquiries>


•The personal information acquired by the inquiry is only to be used in response of the inquiry.

•Personal information acquired is not to be offered to third parties without a prior consent excluding the cases it’s based on law or is required to protect a person’s life or assets.

•We may consign some or all of the personal information acquired by the inquiry to outside. In that case, we conduct necessary and proper supervision to the subcontractor in order to scheme the safety management of the personal information.

•We comply with the demands of notification of purpose of use, disclosure, correction and suspension of use for the personal information acquired by inquiry. In that case, please contact the inquiry desk stated below. Offering your personal information to our company is optional. Please beware that we cannot respond to your inquiry in case we are not provided with the necessary information.


(Name of the company acquiring the personal information and personal information protection manager)

Company name: Citymobile Corp.

Personal Information Protection Manager: Marketing Department Chief

Ginzakobikicho Bld. 10F 8-18-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo-to 104-0061


(Personal Information Inquiry Desk)

TEL: 03-3544-0606

FAX: 03-3544-0607

E-mail address:


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